Hello Folks,

I’m back with another write-up of challenge which I made in Trollcat CTF which is actually based on DNS Rebinding attack. This attack is quite useful in real-world attack. I was inspired to make this challenge while I was reading a hackerone report. I’ve also published writeup for my another challenge. You can find it here.

Challenge Name: PDF Generator

Category: Web

Organizer: Trollcat

Author: r3curs1v3_pr0xy

Hello Hackers

This is my another writeup for the challenge I made for TrollCat CTF. Well, I’m too lazy when it comes to writing part but seeing 0 solves on this challenge out of 1100 peoples(more than 480 teams), I thought I should make a writeup on this. This challenges is based on real life scenario. I have taken the idea for this challenge from a hackerone report. This challenge is based on “HTTP Parameter Pollution and Types of variable in PHP”. My another challenge in this CTF is based on “DNS Rebinding Attack”. …

Bipul Jaiswal

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